Get to know us

Who are we?

We are a dynamic and innovative company, a manufacturer and distributor of food supplements focused on healthy aging and preventive medicine.

What makes us different?

The quality of the active ingredients that we choose for our supplements is endorsed by clinical studies that prove their efficacy.

Also, the synergy of the ingredients present in each product makes them much more efficient than purchasing several different supplements. The supplements that we manufacture and distribute, provide all that is necessary, in an adequate concentration, with one unique formula.

We manufacture according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and meeting all the quality standards.

What’s our goal?

Our goal is to be at the forefront of everything related to Healthy Aging, helping people to achieve a better quality of life.

In order to do that, we study the aging process and the scientific literature, we attend international congresses, etc, and we look for plant based ingredients, algae, and mineral foods, in order to be able to offer solutions that help reduce the aging signs, as well as the health disorders that such process entails.

Our team

From a technical point of view, we count on a multidisciplinary team, comprised of doctors, pharmacists and nutritionists, that provide added value to the company and our clients, through training, conferences and communications.

Our customer attention department for health professionals, also technically trained, provides information and assessment to clients who request it, with the goal to help the end consumer.