Active Cardisterol



Active Cardisterol is indicated for the control of Cholesterol and homocysteine levels thanks to Omega 3 content, red rice yeast and group B vitamins.

Each daily dose provides 1643 mg of Omega 3, EPA and DHA so they can act as described in scientific studies as potent antiarrhythmic agents, improving endothelial function, vascular and lowering blood pressure, platelet aggregation and serum levels of Triglycerides. And there is strong evidence of the relationship between intake of omega-3 fatty acids and their benefits in coronary health that have been demonstrated in experimental studies in both animals and humans. In addition the form of triglycerides in which they are found favors the bioavailability with respect to other forms as it is the case of the ethyl esters.

Monacolin K, is a metabolite obtained from the fermentation of Red rice with yeast Monacus purpureus, traditionally used in Chinese medicine to reduce blood lipid levels. Studies that have reviewed the effectiveness of this compound, conclude their effectiveness in the reduction of total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL cholesterol and is especially indicated for those patients who in clinical practice have intolerances to statins. In fact, exist an intolerance of more than 10% in the population against different drugs in the statins group, related to myalgias, but also have been described in symptoms of fatigue, headache and gastrointestinal symptoms.

The formula provides 100 mg of Coenzyme Q10 per dose, with the aim of protecting patients whose endogenous production is decreased. In addition Coenzyme Q10 is an important antioxidant. Q10 deficiency can affect energy metabolism and contribute to the development of muscle symptoms and myalgias as well as loss of energy⁴.

Active Cardisterol is also formulated with vitamin B₉ in the form of (6S) -5-methyltetrahydrofolic acid, glucosamine salt (Quatrefolic®), which exerts a “by pass” in those people with poorly folic transformation to their methylated form, a very frequent situation given the High prevalence of people with polymorphisms in the NTHFR gene (methylenetrahydrofolate reductase). It also contains B₁₂ in its activated form methylcobalamin, to favor the passage of homocysteine to methionine to those people who present a polymorphism in the MS gene (methionine synthase) in which their activity would be reduced.

Both genetic variations MTHFR and MS are quite frequent in the population, so a supplementation with nutrients in their active form will facilitate the reduction of homocysteine levels effectively, since high levels of this is a risk factor for health Cardiovascular5


Control of total cholesterol
Decreased levels of LDL cholesterol and Triglycerides.
Maintenance of normal levels of homocysteine.

Dosage / Suggested use
2 pearls a day, dinner time. Avoid consumption of grapefruit.

60 capsules, each cointaining 1400 mg.

Nutrition facts
SUPPLEMENT FACTS  Amount per  2 capsules
Deep-water oil concentrate 1643 mg
Total Omega 3 1232 mg
     – EPA 822 mg
     – DHA 329 mg
Red Rice Yeast 200 mg
     – Monocolin K  10 mg
Coenzyme Q10 100 mg


NUTRITIONAL VALUE Amount per  2 capsules NRV%
D-alfa tocopherol (vitamin E)  6,7 mg 55,3
Vitamin B (pyridoxal-5-phosphate) 1,4 mg 100
Folic acid (Quatrefolic®) 400 μg 200
Vitamin B12 (active form as methylcobalamin) 2,5 μg 100